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OloCRM empowers businesses to cultivate enduring connections with their customers through a diverse range of features dedicated to nurturing customer relationships. This distinctive CRM software consolidates all essential collaboration and organizational tools in one centralized platform, enabling the creation of exceptional customer experiences through streamlined processes and timely interactions. Through the automation of sales, support, and marketing tasks, OloCRM not only trims the time, effort, and costs associated with each activity but also enhances overall efficiency, effectiveness, and punctuality.

Features of

Streamlined Administration

Setting up different CRM systems for different departments under the same company can be time-consuming. OloCRM helps to coordinate CRM activities across different departments.

Contact Administration

OloCRM provides a comprehensive solution for managing your contacts efficiently.
Safely store all your contact data within the CRM.

Lead Collection

OloCRM helps business organizations identify quality leads and convert them. This software also helps to analyze data of different leads and measure ROI from online ads.

Campaign Management

OloCRM enables effective planning, management, and analysis of marketing campaigns. Further, it helps you analyze the results of these campaigns and evaluate them.

Email Campaign Management

OloCRM helps you conduct more organized, more personalized, and more effective email campaigns, focusing on individual clients and reaching out to them in a more personalized manner.

Opportunities Engagement

OloCRM excels in opportunity management, boosting deal closures and enhancing customer engagement for exploring new interaction opportunities.

Simplify Quoting

OloCRM streamlines the quoting process, allowing you to effortlessly create and send customized quotes to clients directly within the system. Choose OloCRM for a more efficient and effective quoting experience.

Case Handling

OloCRM makes effective case handling possible by helping to monitor overdue cases, know how many cases each of your operators have and reassign the cases, if necessary.

Email & SMS Feedback Management

The feedback management feature of OloCRM helps businesses manage feedback of the customers from emails and SMSs, thus helping to find ways to engage them proactively.


Get deeper insights by creating customized reports on your business health with OloCRM software. Data from multiple modules can be included in these reports, based on which you can make more effective decisions.

Sales Pipeline & Lead Management

Proactively manage leads, gather pertinent data, organize based on criteria, and provide teams instant access to deal status – optimizing your opportunities

Employee Performance Tracking

Enhance productivity and engagement with employee performance tracking. Gain valuable insights for effective management and growth.

Real-Time Sales Analysis

Get instant sales insights with real-time analysis. Optimize strategies, make data-driven decisions, and drive revenue growth.

Why Choose


OloCRM allows the marketing team to identify and target potential clients and generate quality leads.


OloCRM helps to increase sales, by helping to identify quality leads, follow them up in time, and prioritize the follow-up activities.


OloCRM is highly effective in managing after-sales service to ensure good customer service and nurture loyalty.


Yes, OloCRM's centralized administration allows coordination of CRM activities across different departments, ensuring seamless collaboration.

OloCRM's contact administration feature efficiently stores and integrates contact data with communication tools like emails, phones, and SMS, enabling effective contact management.

Absolutely! OloCRM's lead collection feature not only helps identify quality leads but also provides data analysis to determine ROI from online ads