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Temple management software (TMS) is a type of software that is designed specifically to help temples manage their operations. This software can help temples to automate tasks, track finances, and connect with their devotees.

Features of

Pooja/Vazhipadu Receipt

For Current and advance booking This module helps users and Devotees easily book different poojas/Vazipads. And print receipts.


To give donations This module facilitates Users and Devotees to offer different types of donations globally using the online facility.

Receipts and Payments

For entering General Income and expenditures Contains General Receipt and Voucher for receipt and payment entry. This module allows users to receive or give payments.


The public can visit the site, get information about the temple, and do online vazhipadu, donations, etc. This is a website module of TMS software through which Temple management can publish news & events, galleries, and other information to the public.


Content Management Allows users of temple management to manage website content Dynamically.


Privilege-based dashboards This is a powerful feature of TMS, dashboards will give a 360-degree summary of the major temple activities.

Powerful Architecture

Provides robustness and future scalability TMS is built on the latest technology with a very robust and powerful architecture, which helps the software easily integrate with other modules.

For data Security

This feature restricts the access of users, so only permitted members can access the workers.


Various Reports TMS comes with almost all types of reports required or temple management. It includes Booking reports, pooja/Vazhipadu reports, Donation Reports, Kanikka Reports, various Income and Expense reports, daybook reports, etc…


All required settings Master module in TMS, which allows users to customize easily to fit their requirements. It lets you create deities, pooja groups, account head creation, User creation, privilege settings, etc…

Online Payment

For Online Payments, TMS helps Devotees by providing an online payment facility for Vazipadu and Donations. Users can choose different payment gateway integrations as per their demand

Events Calendar

For Event Notifications, Configurable Event notification helps devotees and users by providing reminders, alerts, and notifications of future Events on a timely basis


Photos and Video Gallery Photos and Video galleries of all events are available on the website so, any devotee can easily access those at any time without any login restrictions

Responsive design

Rich customer experience All UI of TMS is responsive and user-friendly, which makes a smooth user experience.

Easy and simple

Ellegency We have made all possible efforts to make the system simple and easy to use in all the areas of the software….


TMS enables temples to automate tasks, track finances accurately, and enhance connections with devotees.

Yes, our software provides a user-friendly module for effortless booking of poojas/vazhipadus, ensuring convenience for users.

Absolutely! TMS offers an online facility for devotees to contribute various types of donations globally, ensuring seamless transactions.

TMS ensures data security through advanced features that restrict access to authorized members only, protecting the confidentiality of temple data.

Yes, TMS provides online payment options for vazhipadus and donations.